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Implementation Services

Whether your team chose GitLab to accelerate your DevSecOps transformation, improve collaboration between all the roles in your organization, or facilitate an innersourcing initiative - Now the challenge is to get to that desired end state as fast as possible. Though thousands have deployed our open source tooling throughout the world, we also have a team of professionals here to provide you resources to ensure your GitLab instance will scale with your team.

There are three different ways to get started with Professional Services from GitLab.

Rapid Results Consulting

The GitLab Rapid Results Consulting package helps you quickly implement your GitLab solution and enable your organization to take advantage of your GitLab purchase quickly.

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Dedicated Implementation Planning

For customers who need to plan for on-going scaling of their GitLab instance, high availability and disaster recovery for large-scale deployments of thousands of users we recommend more implementation focus from our team of Professional Services Engineers.

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Health Check

Let's evaluate your deployment architecture to provide recommendations on how to optimize for performance, stability, and availability.

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Migration Services

Your data is valuable and making it readily available for immediate continuity is indispensable. Our migration services will accelerate your transition to GitLab so you can focus on your business.

There are two different ways to get started with Migration Services from GitLab.

Migration+ Package

The GitLab Migration+ package enables most companies to migrate their data from previous source code management systems and train their users and adminstrators with GitLab fundamentals.

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Custom-Scoped Migration

For larger customers who have more users and repositories and may have more complex data migration requirements including multiple source systems.

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Education Services

Your teams are composed of highly proficient technical experts. With any comprehensive solution, there is a learning curve to consider. Our product specialists—technology professionals themselves—are available to train your teams to become efficient in GitLab and DevSecOps quickly.

We are working to make all of our educational offerings more widely available by updating our current learning infrastructure to support a broader audience. We will be posting updates to our GitLab Blog as we ready our new platform. Be sure to subscribe to see the latest updates.

Who is this for?

Anyone looking to cut "under the curve" of learning not only GitLab but Concurrent DevSecOps best practices.

What is included?

GitLab offers a variety of courses delivered at your site or remotely by our experienced GitLab trainers. In addition, we offer specialized training that can be customized even further to meet your team's unique needs.

Here are the standard courses we offer:

Here are the standard technical certifications we offer:

For organizations that need to scale training to a larger audience, we also offer a Train the Trainer option.

For a complete list of Professional Services offerings visit the Full Catalog page.

Dedicated Engineering

Your team has to have a centralized DevSecOps platform to be effective. Our integration services will facilitate your integration of external tools to GitLab by providing professional, best-of-breed integrations with the other tools you use every day.

Who is this for?

  • Customers who need technical and/or strategic guidance on how to get the most from their GitLab investment.

  • Customers who do not have capacity or relevant skill set to implement strategic guidance themselves.

  • Customers who are looking to transfer knowledge from GitLab Professional Services Engineers to their team by having one or multiple GitLab Professional Services Engineer(s) join your team.

  • Customers who might not know exactly what topics they need help with, but know that services will help maximize the value they get from GitLab.

What is included?

We offer dedicated engineering engagements for three set durations, 3, 6 and 12 months. During these engagements a PS Engineer will work with you full time, focusing on building solutions to business problems using GitLab. As the engagements get longer, the prices are discounted. Please see the below engagement SOWs for pricing and specific activities for this engagement.

Advisory Services

The GitLab platform provides an opportunity to transform the way your business operates. But making that transition from your legacy way of working to a more efficient and effective value stream can be challenging. Engage with GitLab experts to solve specific challenges or keep a GitLab Expert on retainer to help guide you on your journey.

GitLab provides the following offerings that differ in commercial structure and methodology.

Advisory Workshop

Advisory workshops focus on a specific workflow, feature, or functional section of GitLab. We learn about your goals and provide an example of how to solve the problem with GitLab.

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Expert Services

For customers who might not know exactly what they need help with at the time of their license purchase/expansion, we can provide guidance on a wide range of topics including best practices, workflows, GitLab implementation, and data migration.

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