GitLab Duo

The suite of AI capabilities powering your workflows

AI-powered workflows

Boost efficiency and reduce cycle times with the help of AI in every phase of the software development lifecycle.

Privacy-first, enterprise-grade

We lead with a privacy-first approach to help enterprises and regulated organizations adopt AI-powered workflows.

Single application

A single application with built-in security to deliver more software faster, enabling executive visibility across value streams and preventing context switching.

Empower every user at every step

From planning and code creation to testing, security, and monitoring, our AI-assisted workflows support developer, security, and ops teams.

GitLab Duo Capabilities

Code Suggestions Enables you to write code more efficiently by viewing code suggestions as you type.
Suggested Reviewers Helps you receive faster and higher-quality reviews by automatically finding the right people to review a merge request.
Value Stream Forecasting Predicts productivity metrics and identifies anomalies across your software development lifecycle.
Summarize Issue Comments Quickly gets everyone up to speed on lengthy conversations to ensure you are all on the same page.
Summarize Proposed Merge Request Changes Helps merge request authors drive alignment and action by efficiently communicating the impact of their changes.
Explain This Vulnerability Helps developers remediate vulnerabilities more efficiently and uplevel their skills, enabling them to write more secure code.
Summarize Merge Request Review Enables better handoffs between authors and reviewers and helps reviewers efficiently understand merge request suggestions.
Generate Tests in Merge Requests Automates repetitive tasks and helps you catch bugs early.
GitLab Chat Helps you quickly identify useful information in large volumes of text, such as documentation.
Explain This Code Allows you to get up to speed quickly by explaining source code.

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